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Fashion Retail Company GrahaLifestyle's choices

Establishment and Parent Company: Boite's establishment in 2016 within Indonesia's largest fashion retail company, Graha Lifestyle, gives it a strong foundation. Being associated with a prominent parent company provides credibility and access to valuable resources.

  1. Luxury Brand Affiliation: Graha Lifestyle's ownership of luxury brands like DVF and ETRO adds to the prestige of Boite. This association can attract customers looking for high-quality fashion and accessories.

  2. Quality Assurance: LuteWorks' reputation for handling only the best quality Korean costume jewelry aligns well with Boite's positioning as a retailer associated with luxury and high standards. This assurance of quality can resonate with discerning customers.

  3. Profitability: the partnership with LuteWorks can lead to good profit margins. This was crucial for a brand like Boite, which aimed to maintain a certain level of exclusivity and quality while also being financially successful.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: The fact that LuteWorks is famous for its costume jewelry suggests that it has a track record of satisfying customers' preferences for stylish and well-crafted accessories. This positively impacted Boite's customer satisfaction and reputation.

  5. Diversification: By sourcing costume jewelry from LuteWorks, Boite diversified its product range, offering customers a wider selection of accessories to complement its ready-to-wear clothing. This enhanced the overall shopping experience for Boite's customers.

Incorporating these points into Boite's branding and marketing strategies helped solidify its position as a high-quality ready-to-wear brand associated with luxury and style. Additionally, the backing of a renowned parent company and the partnership with LuteWorks can contribute to its long-term success in the Indonesian fashion market. Contact us to source the best and highest quality Korean fashion jewelry.

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