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Meet KIMJIology from Thailand

The name "KIMJIology" cleverly combines Kimji's nickname with "ology," suggesting a branch of knowledge or learning, reflecting the brand's identity as a source of wisdom and expertise in beauty and grace for Asian women. The incorporation of Kimji's nickname adds a personal touch, while "ology" lends a sense of authority and expertise.

The selection of this brand name reflects careful consideration and consultation with a branding consultant who has experience working with prestigious jewelry brands like Cartier. Their endorsement of the name indicates its potential to resonate well with the target audience and evoke the desired brand image.

Cream Candy Bangle is her favorite and is also the finalist of DeMark Award 2015, Thailand's prestigious excellence design award. This recognition from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce Thailand, underscores its quality and innovation within the industry.

The Cream Candy Bangle draws inspiration from the sweetness of cream candy, aiming to portray beauty and adoration for its owners while also exuding elegance suitable for daily wear. This concept reflects a balance between femininity, sophistication, and playful memories.

Kimji opens up opportunities for collaborations and partnerships within the industry as she stretches her wing to source from LuteWorks. Since Kimji has been a gem collector since the age of 12, we had a good idea to tailor her offerings or recommendations to suit Kimjiology's tastes and preferences.

Her regular customers are high-profile clients who boost Kimjiology's brand visibility, credibility, and financial performance in the luxury jewelry market. Mentioned regular customers are -

Mrs. Padari Bunnag: Granddaughter of HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani Owner of Kalapapruek Restaurant

Mrs, Sasivimol Naranong: Celebrity Blogger of @happypooklook Young Publicist/ Thai Socialite

Mrs. Sirisopa Chulasewok: General Manager of Christian Dior Thailand Thai Socialite

Mrs. Patchanee Wattanavekin: Owner of Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel Thailand Wife of the Chairman at Kiatnakin Bank in Thailand

Mrs. Amporn Nilpirom: Deputy Managing Director at Yarnapund Public Co. Ltd. Her family business is the supplier of Toyota (auto parts)

Mrs. Jitradee Poolvoralaks: EVP- Marketing Division at Major Development

 Public Co., Ltd. (Hiend Real Estate Developer)

Overall, "KIMJIology" appears to be a thoughtfully chosen brand name that encapsulates the brand's mission, identity, and target audience, setting a strong foundation for its positioning in the market.

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