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Meet Jen Ho Artistry

Updated: Jan 31

Meet Jen Ho from Jen Ho Artistry, a renowned makeup artist from Hong Kong, is here to share her insights on beauty, styling, and an exciting collaboration with LuteWorks Jewelry. Welcome, Jen!

Introduction and Background:

  • Q: How did you establish Jen Ho Artistry, and what is the philosophy that guides your approach to beauty and styling?

  • A: The brand Jen Ho Artistry is a fusion of my experiences in fashion shows and with the international cosmetic brand M.A.C. My philosophy centers around highlighting the inherent beauty that makes each woman unique.

Client Collaboration:

  • Q: You mentioned customizing looks based on clients' styles and visions. How do you go about understanding their preferences and incorporating them into your work?

  • A: Communication and observation are key. By understanding their preferences, I incorporate their inner beauty into the total look, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Q: What sets your approach to makeup artistry apart from others, and how do you create timeless, sophisticated, and natural looks for your clients?

  • A: I stay at the forefront of beauty trends through advanced classes globally. Life-long learning and self-improvement inspire me to create timeless, sophisticated, and natural looks for my clients.

Collaboration with Jewelry:

  • Q: How do you see jewelry complementing and enhancing a makeup look?

  • A: I believe jewelry is like an invisible speaker, elevating style on the wedding day. Whether simple or exaggerated, it brings beauty to the next level, creating a cohesive and harmonious overall look.

About the Collaboration:

  • Q: How can someone ensure that their jewelry and makeup work harmoniously together for a cohesive look?

  • A: Similar to my makeup styles, I suggest clients explore whether they prefer minimalistic or glam jewelry to complement their looks, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive appearance.

Future Collaborations:

  • Q: How do you see the wedding industry evolving, and how can collaborations between makeup artists and jewelry designers play a role in these changes?

  • A: With the rapid growth of social media, we can draw inspiration from wedding looks, celebrity styles, and fashion trends. We aim to create exquisite styling that adds a touch of class to any celebration, from timeless beauty to up-to-date charm.

Meet Jennifer Ho's handpicked collection at Jen Ho Artistry

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