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Creating an infinite combination of a wedding ceremony that respects, honors, and perpetuates love with Nicole Please Weddings

To complement a wedding outfit, not only the attire but the accessories are important. It’s essential to consider brands that work sustainably and with exquisite craftsmanship. Nicole recommends Lute Works Accessories because it's timeless and creates a lasting impression. Its unique design makes it one-of-a-kind.

Ji Young Julia is deeply inspired by Nicole's work at Nicole Please Weddings, particularly admiring her ability to create beautiful and inclusive celebrations that honor diverse cultural backgrounds.

"Nicole's approach to weaving together different traditions and cultures to create a unified vision for multicultural weddings resonates strongly with our values, especially considering the intricacies involved in such endeavors, much like our handmade intricate accessories."

Rooted in her personal experience as a mixed-culture individual. Understanding the challenges and complexities of marrying someone from a different cultural background, Nicole recognized the need for a service that caters to mixed-cultural couples. Her journey, where neither France, Switzerland, nor Taiwan felt like the natural choice for her wedding, led her to create Nicole Please Weddings.

The objective behind her business is to offer mixed-cultural couples the opportunity to craft perfect weddings anywhere in the world that resonate with their unique love story, considering both families' cultures and personalities.

Nicole Please Weddings has achieved significant milestones and garnered recognition for its outstanding contributions to the wedding planning industry. Here are some notable career accomplishments, awards, and recognitions:

Organizing the New Year's Eve wedding for celebrities Celina Jade (Arrow TV-Show) & Han Geng (Super Junior K-Pop) in Paradise, close to Queenstown, New Zealand, stands as a remarkable achievement. This high-profile event showcased Nicole Please Weddings' ability to seamlessly blend Chinese and Western cultures while incorporating elements of New Zealand's scenery. The innovative touches, such as the Maori Haka and cultural blessings, as well as the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the wedding, demonstrate their commitment to excellence. She flew drones across the forest to scout for their perfect secluded location.​ There was no electricity for the thousand fairylights, no water & no gas for the catering, no power for music & wild sheeps housing on our location.

Planning a wedding in just 2.5 months for a Saudi Arabian couple at the Dolder Grand ballroom showcased Nicole Please Weddings' ability to execute grand visions within tight timelines. Nicole’s vision was to bring the outside to the inside, creating a Fresh Spring Vibe in Winter infused with a Wild Eden mood. The transformation of the ballroom into a mystical forest, complete with 404 real trees of 22 varieties, exemplifies her creativity and dedication to bringing unique concepts to life. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability, such as renting plants and trees, reflects their ethos of respecting nature while delivering stunning a wedding.

Nicole has been honored with the prestigious role of serving on the jury for the Swiss Wedding Awards 2023, specifically in the categories of wedding planning and wedding styling. For this esteemed event, she returned to Switzerland to present the awards to the deserving winners, marking a significant acknowledgment of her expertise in the field.

Since 2022, Nicole has been the official wedding consultant for the Hyatt Group Global. In this capacity, she travels extensively across Asia, visiting countries like India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan, to impart her invaluable styling advice and training to all the Hyatt event teams. Her expertise in wedding aesthetics and planning has been instrumental in elevating the group's event execution standards.

Nicole Please Weddings has been recognized as the top wedding planner in Hong Kong since 2021 by Sassy Hong Kong, a well-respected media channel in the region. This listing underscores the company's prominence and excellence in the wedding planning industry within Hong Kong.

In addition, Nicole Please Weddings has been awarded the Gold Award by Expat Living as the Best Wedding Planner of 2023. This achievement highlights the company's continued dedication to excellence and innovation in creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Above all, the consistent satisfaction of couples and guests, as well as the flawless execution of weddings, serves as the greatest testament to Nicole Please Weddings' achievements. Each wedding is a triumph in its own right, reflecting their unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for their couples.

Their portfolio of successful weddings, including high-profile celebrity weddings and innovative, sustainable designs, speaks volumes about their expertise and acclaim within the wedding planning industry.

Nicole Please Weddings stands out for their unparalleled expertise in cross-cultural wedding planning, dedication to personalized service, and commitment to making the impossible possible for their clients.

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